The research team comprises of seven researchers: four professors and three post-doctoral researchers. There are one research lead and one Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in each country. The team is multidisciplinary and includes experts in sociology, anthropology, political science and social policy. This  facilitates inter-disciplinary dialogue and enable more robust methods, theory building and knowledge transfer. The research leads are all experienced in working across disciplines.

The four research leads have extensive experience of successfully carrying out research with refugees and/or other migrant groups, strong community links that  facilitates access and previous partnerships with NGOs and other stakeholders from statutory and non-statutory organizations. The lead researchers all have extensive experience in working in partnership with NGOs and in accessing hidden and vulnerable groups including refugees, asylum seekers and irregular migrants.

Each country lead supervises all aspects of the research design, data collection, networking, coding and writing and dissemination and works closely with the Post-Doctoral Research Fellow to ensure the project is a success. In addition each country lead will have a specific role on the project relating to expertise.

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