Advisory group

The advisory group bring unique knowledge and skills which complement the knowledge and skills of the formal members of the research project. It serves to make recommendations and help with the results dissemination.

The Swiss advisory group is composed by experts from University, NGOs, state institutions and community associations :

▪   Mrs Giada de Coulon is PhD Fellow atUniversity of Neuchâtel

▪   Pr Kertsin Dümmler is Senior Researcher at Institut Fédéral des Hautes Etudes en Formation Professionnelle in Lausanne

▪   Pr Rosita Fibbi is Professor of Sociology and works at the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies

▪   Pr Eva Mey is Professor at Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, Soziale Arbeit

▪   M. Nhu Kim Nguyen is an active member of Hoi Nguoi Viet Quoc Gia Lausanne, one of our parnters. He helps us to recruit children of Vietnamese refugees.

▪   Mrs Yoanna Raccimolo is sociologist and works at Caritas in  Geneva

▪   Mrs Daniela Sebeledi is sociologist and works at the Bureau de l’intégration des étrangers in  Geneva

▪   Pr Özcan Yilmaz is Professor of of International History and History of the Middle East at University of Geneva


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