The first partner of this research is the Swiss Network for International Studies, which has funded the project.

Besides, the research involves a scientific and formal partnership between the three organizations of the lead researchers of the project : University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland in  Geneva, The Centre for International Relations Studies (Centre d’Etudes sur les Relations Internationales – CERI, Sciences Po Paris) in Paris, and the School of Social Science at the University of Manchester.

In order to develop a research as close as possible to the reality of the living of Children of Refugees, we have created an advisory group composed of 8 memebers : experts compose of researchers, members of Institutions or NGOs working in the field of immigration, integration and asyluum and members of community associations. Moreover, we have established in Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom a network of Partners : Institutions, NGOs and community associations to help us with interviewee recruiting and research dissemination.

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